Renka Suli

Infochant who runs Renka's Place Cantina on Burpa's Casino



The Supernova crew found Renka origionally working as a waitress at the Hungry Mynock on Cloud City. She was an infochant who took a liking to the crew and found her way to her own business aboard Burpa’s Floating Casino.


“I know this isn’t the run of the mill kind of work for you guys, but I need a favor if you want any further information from me. "

“Former Senator Roan Fel, served in both the republic senate as well as later on the Separatist senate. He is a man of untold wealth and power on Baudo prime. It has come to my attention that Baudo has certain assets which could be very valuable to the right buyer. Since the Emperor disbanded the senate Roan Fel has stayed inside his heavily fortified mansion on Baudo Prime and rumors say he has a fortune locked away in their with him. All I am concerned about is one child. A child who answers to Ryn. She is very valuable to an interested party. I need your team to infiltrate the Senator’s mansion, retrieve the asset, and return her unharmed. Anything else of value you manage to grab would be yours for the keeping. Unfortunately I do not have a photo or any further information on the asset. You can probably find out more by asking around on Baudo Prime’s capital city Raxus.”

Closing scene with Ryn.

The coordinates lead you to a hovel in the poor under section of cloud City. Here on the underneath the homes have no luster and everything is covered in the dingy smoke of the tiabanna mining process. The place is mostly inhabited by ugnaughts and there is little security, fortunately there is also little of value. You follow the coordinates to a small apartment complex that is a mish-mash of run down dilapidated apartments. Arriving at the designated location you find yourself knocking on the door of 2B.

Renka answers the door an Ryn lets loose a joyous “Renka!” and runs into her arms where the collapse on the floor in a tearful embrace. Renka thanks you and leads you into a small scarcely furnished dwelling. She explains that she was once a political activist who was drummed out of service based on her alien heritage. Her life fell apart and she had no future. She turned to stims and drug abuse that lead her to losing her sister and only family to the Hutts slave trade and how she has cleaned up her act and used her old political skills to turn a profit as an infochant at the Mynock. All of her money was spent tracking down the where a bouts of Ryn. Now after this reunion she is free to leave the Mynock, but will always be on the run from the Hutts.

Renka Suli

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