Evgeny Malgodov

Devaronian Thief


Evgeny Malgodov was raised in a less common but more modern devaronian household; his mother and father lived together. The two ran a moderately successful home security business. His father handled systems and installations while his mother ran the business end of the company. The family lived in a rare honest, middle class setting of the struggling rim planet of _____.

When Evgeny was 10, that happy episode ended when the family business video captured a routine attempted breaking which was repelled (his father’s systems used counter strike home security). However, as the assailant’s trial approached, his parents were contacted by agents of a hutt cartel and demanded to have their evidence disappear. The company presented their evidence at trial anyway. The families home was stormed with their defenses overrun despite massive casualties, their safe rooms was eventually breached. Everyone was hauled before the hutt including his 2 year old sister. Infuriated by his losses and the parents’ defiance, the hutt gunned down his mother immediately before them. His father watched as Evgeny was sold to a petty slaver, while he met a cruel death a short time later. Eva, Evgeny’s baby sister was tossed to the hutt’s younglings pit where they received minor care until the reached an age of usefulness. In a final act of depravity, the hutt “gifted” Evgeny with one final token; his parents’ wedding bands on a necklace – with their fingers still attached. He was told that ever took it off he would die.

Evgeny’s slaver was a Gand; an insignificant crook who ran a small ring of roughly a dozen mid-aged children to hustle, trifle begging, pick pocketing, and thieving scams. He repaid his hutt debts of enslaved children with the benefits of his simple cons. He was excessively cruel and as children approached teen years, he would sell them off to other slavers for more seedy work. The Gand wanted no rivals for he could dominate the children who he half starved and as they ran his petty schemes. Evgeny’s devaronian instincts and his knowledge of security systems made him a natural at the Gand’s burglary exploits. Evgeny would be the courier to deliver the Gand’s cut to the hutt who murdered his parents but he took the insult gladly because he would use the chance to sneak in and visit with little Eva in the younglings’ area.

Four years passed and the Gand made an exception as Evgeny passed into his teen years. While he was not kinder to him, but the Gand could not part with the profits from his exceedingly successful devaronian burglar. Evgeny used this status as an undeclared leader of the youth clan and did what he could to care for them; sometimes he found a little extra food for them or sometimes goading the Gand to hit him when he knew he was keen on beating someone so as to keep the younger ones from his assaults. The Gand was often cruel and wicked to the kids but one time after a particularly deep high on deathsticks, he beat two so severely they were near death. Evgeny was out on a scouting run with the Gand when a narc from the children’s clan called to explain that a new girl was giving aid to the two beaten ones; a strict violation of the rules. Enraged, the Gand announced they where headed back and he was headed back and going to murder the three of them. Evgeny made a split second decision and shoved him into the path of a passing hover transport truck; killing him instantly.

He went back to the hideout, raided the Gand’s storage and found five thermal detonators. As he left again, he told his little clan about their traitor. The group seized the traitor and while he never asked what the did with him, he never saw them again. Evgeny went straight to the hutt compound with a regular delivery box but this time demanded to see him. Before the hutt, he produced a handful of credits and his parents’ wedding bands offering them in exchange for his sister. The hutt refused and threw him out but took his regular package delivery. Evgeny managed to slip his sister out of the building with a diversion which he knew would only last moments and was just four blocks away when the detonators in the delivery box vaporized the entire two blocks of the hutt’s compound.

Evgeny relocated the band of kids and made them all swear off thieving and cons. He soon found that his ability to provide for the group had few to no options. No one else in the group stole again, but to keep the group alive and hidden, Evgeny secretly returned to run burglaries to provide for their survival. His main goal was to place them back in homes. Four he reconnected to their families and two he got into a mission school right away. To Evgeny, Eva was too young for the street living he was doing and searched desperately for a way out for her. He found a reputable off world group which would place her with a family on a core planet; only the plan would run him many thousands of credits, he could never afford it.

Months off liberating his group from the Gand and the hutt, Evgeny was approached by a representative of a rival hutt to his murdered foe. He wanted a meeting. The hutt explained his sources confirmed it was Evgeny who had killed his rival, he had a developed a burgeoning reputation as a minor burglar, and was more than a little grateful for the work he had done to his rival. As a result, the hutt offer to have him come work for him at an actually respectable rate for his age. Evgeny declined. A week later he returned with a counter offer. He would offer himself as an indentured servant to the hutt for ten years in exchange for a large sum of credits up front. The hutt took the deal.

Evgeny used the credit payment to get his sister off word and placed into a decent core world family. With the remaining money, he managed bribes to get the rest of his youth clan placed in different apprentice shops or other mission schools.

Evgeny worked for the hutt in a variety of burglary and thieving schemes throughout his ten years. He kept close contact with Eva through the HoloNet but never divulged his underworld work, always telling her he worked as a simple building construction contractor. He is horrified she would ever learn about the true nature of the life he leads. Having never said a word about their arrangement, at 24 and after ten years and one day, Evgeny announced to the hutt that their deal was was now complete. The hutt was stunned and never actually expected him to turn away after so many years of successful work; Evgeny was a respected and trusted member of the hutt’s team by this time and by hutt cartel standards was never mistreated. Eventually he relinquished as he knew a hutt had to honor an accord.

Evgeny now works only for himself but occasionally working contracts for others. A talented burglar who prefers to steal the big jobs now. The jobs earn him favors, provide for his modest but comfortable living, and keeps him from having to steal very often. Though not frequently on a job, he spends his spare time analyzing new security systems which he buys and has collected throughout his dwelling. The hutt has accepted his new independent place and maintains a working relationship, but one which Evgeny utilizes only as a needed asset. While a friendly accord exists between the two, the hutt does force his hand or rare occasion; the hutt discovered how the credits were spent on his sister and of Evgeny’s fear of her understanding the truth about him. This manipulation takes Evgeny into his profession more than he likes and will have to balance whether to endure it or find a way of ending its hold over him.

Evgeny is alone in a crowded room; even with people the he works with daily. He secretly hates them all. They are a part of the villainy that ruined his family in a civilized life. He hates himself because with the evils he has done he can never rejoin that civilized world, he himself is a threat to that way of life. His thefts are usually against those of ill repute or from those who can afford the loss. These people are as much of an ill on society as he is so he sees no malice in their harm. His time is usually spent alone. As a professional he works assets as friends, and is falsely social as needed. His only real friends are the members of his youth thief gang. With his help they have managed reasonable lives as mechanics, inn keepers, pilots, or traders. While they never talk about it, they all realize he still lives a life of crime; a life which made theirs possible. He knows they know and that they were right there in that life with him. While they are his closest of friends who never judge him he is still secretly ashamed by the life he leads whenever with them. Shortly after killing the hutt, he buried his parents fingers on a bluff overlooking the town but still wears their rings around his neck. His only deep joy is the success of his sister Eva whom he can never share a life with.

It’s been a short while since he’s run a job and now having spent out the bulk of his credits from that heist, Evgeny is on the look for his next big score or possibly just a quick contract to keep his liquid assets flowing.

Evgeny Malgodov

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