Tales of the Supernova

The road so far...

Opening sequences starts off with a bang, all player fail their rolls and get caught by the gamoreans standing around in the open. Derek decides since the girl on stage refused to hide them he is going to hold her at gunpoint to force the thugs to leave. Not in the book and my first improve of the night so I have him roll a check against coercion. With a pass, I decide what the heck we’ll let them go it is probably a no brainer combat intro anyway and I’ll reward them for being creative. As the thugs turn to leave (narrated that they didn’t want to get barred from their drinking hole and could care less about the girl) The group opens fire into their backs. “Dead men tell no tales” says the assassin. Off to acquire the the part for the ship. They ask the store owner if he still has the part. The Doctor offers to negotiate for the part and fails miserably on the roll. Seeing the failure the Assassin guns down the shop owner.

“That thing does have a stun setting,” Natalya (my wife) says with a disapproving glare.
“Is THAT what that button does,” replied Derek.

With much more shooting, and phenomenal rolls the group blasts (literally) a swath through the city, steals the ship, and makes it to a clean getaway.

Everyone had fun, but I am already concerned about the bloodthirsty nature of the group. So I approach my veteran player, the bounty hunter. We have a great conversation about where he wants his character to go and how life can be difficult in the outer rim if you leave behind corpses and enemies in your wake. He says he chose assassin for a reason and we agree that he’ll tone it down and he’ll have faith that I’ll give him plenty of opportunities to excel at killing things but he need to let others excel at their skills beyond the blasty end of their gun. So the challenge is on. Next session had to be a bit of everything and I am staring down intergalactic assassins. I decide I am custom writing the next session to suit the players tastes a little more. In between play sessions we play another round with just my wife and daughter earning 10xp and doing a simple cargo run which feeds into the pirate module in the lords of Nal Hutta. The pair get to use a lot more of their non-combat skills to overcome the pirates and get a better grasp on the rules.

The party finally regroups nearly two weeks later for another session. While Derek was missing from the group I declare he was chasing down his black market contacts for a “job”. Word on the streets is there is a high profile hit that has been placed by Teemo the Hutt whom the group owes quite a bit of obligation to. The group reconvenes and finds themselves in the ’Hungry Mynock" cantina where Derek only has the name of the contact they need to find as the “Fixer”. With some sweet talking to the waitress (Renka who gets added to the groups list of contacts for future use) she arranges for them to meet the mysterious “fixer” for a price. The group returns to the cantina the following night where Renka sits them down in a corner booth with more privacy. A human male comes to the table and puts and encrypted holoreceiver on the table where a blurred image addresses the group. (Derek is ruffled immediately as he had been vocal about intimidating the fool for a bigger payout. I predicted that from the first session and decided that the group would never meet “fixer” rather continually be stuck dealing with front men.)

The job is for a high profile hit. The planet’s governor is set to address the masses in a speech in three days. The target is the Governor’s top adviser who is loyal to one of Teemo’s rivals. Teemo has already secured the poor mook who would be next in line for the job via blackmail so he just needs the adviser out of the way. The catch is he doesn’t want to make his rival suspicious so the whole job needs to be framed as something else. The Governor will be making his speech from a stage with a podium. Due to the popularity of the Empire the stage itself will have shielding. In addition, the Governor will most likely be wearing personal shields as well. The group will need to have the slicer infiltrate the local security headquarters and drop the exterior shielding. They can cut the power but the back ups will switch back on after the interruption so Derek will only have time to make two shots. The first shot will be on the Governor who “Fixer” assures will most likely be fully protected by his personal shield generator. In the chaos that follows the first shot Derek will make his second shot on the true target, the adviser.

“Sounds simple enough” chuckles Derek.

“That’s the easy part,” I grin. The whole area is going to be on lock down due to the political events unfolding so the group is encourages to go in with only weapons that are easy to hide (they only have one holdout blaster between the three of them). Fixer has arranged for Derek to meet up with a contact who will supply the rifle on site he just has to get to him. The party is own their own for extraction. Fixer also recommends the group have a backup plan as Teemo will be enraged if they botch the job.

The group has three days to plan the hit. My wife decides they need a better cover than what has been given. There are just too many holes in her mind. She convinces the slicer to return to Renka and find out if there are any rebel groups in the area. Meanwhile Derek and her go and steal a shipments of imperial supplies. (Lots of improve happening but it is working and I am curious to see where it leads). They arrange to sell the supplies to the rebels on the morning of the speech in a nearby hanger. The Doctor makes the deal with a low ranking officer and says her employer is sympathetic to the rebellion and drops hints of his political ties. Records the transfer of goods on her datapad and heads out to the speech. She says she is not needed by the other two and decides to join the crowd of spectators to watch the show. Baffled we play out the Slicer, sneaking in through an air duct and hacking into the system through an open maintenance workstation. She rolls a critical success on her slicing and I reward her with information on the patrol routes of the local pd which she can sell to the right buyer later. Derek makes his way through the cityscape getting in a tussle with some protesters but manages to make it to his drop. The shifty contact is a Duros who rented a penthouse room overlooking the stage. He has the rifle ready to go and just needs his payment and he’ll be on his way. Derek whips out the lone holdout blaster and guns the guy down. He contacts the slicer and lets her know he is in position and ready. I read the first three lines of a speech I threw together when the shielding flickers and blam the first roll is made by Derek. I upgrade the difficulty of the check with a destiny point to keep him from succeeding and sure enough the shot bounces harmlessly off the personal deflector shield. Security springs into action and Derek flips a destiny token to aid in the second shot which scores a hit with a triumph and plenty of advantages. The adviser go down in a heap. That’s when my wife yells “Out of the way I am a Doctor” and whips out her medpack. Smart. She hovers over the fallen adviser and says she wants to make a check to hide her datapad from the sale of the supplies on the adviser while treating him. A successful skulduggery check later and she pronounces the adviser dead. One problem, Derek didn’t do enough damage to kill him. He has 3 wounds left. So she says I want to use my medicine skills to open the wound to make it fatal. Sever an artery, whatever. Another successful check and the poor adviser is dead. She laments that there is nothing more she could do and melts away into the crowd.

The slicer makes a bid to escape by hacking the comm relay and diverting security forces to chase down the assassin clearing a path for her to sneak out and get lost in the crowd. Derek leaves the gun with the dead contact and walks into the hall where he is confronted by a member of hotel security. He blasts the guy in the hall and kick’s in the door leaving behind a scene of a brave security guard who traded gunfire with a lone assassin leading to both their deaths. He departs for the floor via the garbage chute just in time to avoid security forces arriving on another lift.

The group gathers later that day at the Hungry Mynock and celebrates their victory. Fixer makes contact through another proxy who notifies the group that half their fee is being withheld for the cost of replacing the guy who was supposed to drop the rifle and survive. Teemo is pleased as the holonet is filled with reports of a botch rebel assassination attempt and the subsequent arrest of rebels conveniently in the docking back transferring their cargo, 25% of the fee is used to relieve some obligation and the group keeps 25% of the pot plus the money for the sale of the rebels. (Slicer nets another 1000 for the data she stole from the security station)



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