Tales of the Supernova

The Begining

Derek's Past

After settling into the luxury suites offered by Burpa the Hutt the crew of the supernova seeks to re-establish its network of informants and contacts on Burpa’s Palace, a giant luxury space casino. In exchange for helping Burpa to be free of Teemo he has granted the crew of the Supernova exclusive use of the docking bays aboard the massive vessel and full partnership in the Casino. While Reed’s betrayal was unexpected and wounded the group Burpa still has his eyes set on larger prizes.

You are please to find an elaborate Cantina set up on the deck floor with a wide panoramic view of the star’s named Renka’s. All the rage among the various sorts who come to this type of establishments Renka’s is a high end Cantina featuring rare and exotic drinks and food. Renka’s warm smiling face greets you as you enter the lavish Cantina.
“Much better than that hole on Bespin, am I right?” Her smile stretches from ear to ear. She floats across the open reception area with an uncanny grace and poise that exudes confidence. In stead of her customary waitress attire she is adorned in a shimmersilk cocktail dress that makes subtle changes in colors and hues as she floats across the floor.

“You really hit the jackpot this time folks,” she says leading the crew to a secluded table at the far end of the Cantina. Out side of the window you view the rain forest covered planet of Kowak. Renka slides into the booth sitting opposite of Derek.
“Don’t think I have been too caught up in the glam and glitter of this place to do a favor for an old friend. I think I found Raiden, er rather I found the trail he left for you to find. It’s pretty cryptic, but I figured it might mean something to you. A message to head back to where it all began on Taris. What happened on Taris Derek?”

2 years ago
Cut scene. The city planet Taris Polluted and toxic. Taris was bombarded by Darth Malak during the mandolorean wars and never truly recovered. The planet consists of one mega-city, like Corusant; and like Corusant the upper portions of the city are passable for civilized society. The under-city of Taris, however, is teeming with the poor and destitute of the civilization. The poor slobs who find themselves here are either on the run or too poor and misguided to move along. The populace is plagues by Rakghoul infection. Every day is a life and death struggle.

It was people in hiding that brought you and the alpha pack team here to Taris. Raiden was top dog running the show and acting as liaison between the client and the hunt. You were second, Raiden’s prodigy trainee sure to be elevated to a pack leader yourself in short order. The quarry was simple. Rumors of a young Mirilan girl stashed deep in the under-city who could use her mystic abilities to “cure” the rakghoul plague. Your strike team infiltrated the depths of the under-city fighting off the local swoop gangers and thugs protecting their turf. The caretakers were neutralized with maximum efficiency and to your surprise you were greeted by a small mirilan child no more than 5 years in age will dull green skin and a mop of auburn hair that hadn’t seen water in weeks. She was filthy and poor, but other wise in good condition.

The hunt had been a success and now you just had to turn in the quarry and be away with you bounty. Raiden waited impatiently eager for the conclusion of the business. Your coordinates had lead you to a small military style compound on the edge of the under-city. There were Imperial Army sparsely scattered around in a pathetic show of defense. You waited the quiet mouse-like girl silent with head hung low.

As schedule Imperial commander Krill appeared at the entryway beckoning for you to join him in his command center. The command room was lavishly decorated with art and images of the Empire’s rise to glory. Though the command crew should have numbered in the twenties for a post this size, Krill and single Lieutenant on comms were the only Imperials to be seen.

“Looks like you hunters are good for something after all.” Krill sneered with contempt. “Not that the Imperial Army couldn’t have done the job had we not been already over taxed in dealing with the Rakghoul. Dammit Lt. where are our reinforcements.”

“We’ve got the girl, where are the credits,” Derek asks.

“Plans have changed” Krill replied "New orders from imperial in intelligence, execute one sight. "

Derek wastes no time in drawing his carbine and opening fire on the contemptuous Commander Krill killing him in a rain of blaster fire. Raiden unleashed a shot of his own dropping the com operator.

“Blast can’t say I blame you lad but now the whole city will be on lock-down. Look I’ll take the girl and we can commander late commander’s personal shuttle. Only room for two lad. You can’t head back to the space port they’ll be looking for you. Cut the ships and run lad. Take your team, about two miles from here is a run down trade operation. I was there just this morning. There was a beat up firespray patrol craft there. It’s you best shot to get out of here. You’ll be hounded by the imperials every step of the way so you best get moving. Some thing ain’t right here and you know it lad. Now run, I’ll find you when I can.”

Derek leads his loyal team of Gank’s on foot through the crowded upper city trying to stay ahead of the Hand who gives chase on a speeder bike. One by one his loyal crew is dropped by the hand with Derek just making it to the Firespray in time to punch the engines and narrowly escape from the Hand.

On finishing retelling his tale the group is set on returning to Taris in search of Raiden. Renka suggests they find some additional help in the casino. Derek search and comes across Evgeny. Derek tells him they have a job backed by the Hutt and implies a heafty payout convincing the Devoronian to sign on.

In preparing for the coming mission Evgeny finds a freighter pilot down on his luck in the Casino who trades his ships transponder codes as well as some falsified credentials for the Scrolls of Morrigan. With that the crew of the supernova sets course for Taris.

On arrival in the Taris system the comms are lit up by what can only be pirates of some kind. Evidently the transponder codes the group traded for bought them a free pass from the nearby Star Destroyer, however the cargo hauler had run afoul of the local scum. They are immediately set on by a trio of Z-95 headhunters. In the first time in the pilot’s chair Derek strains the systems of the Supernova diving and evading the on coming attackers. The Supernova’s cannons fire damaging the lead headhunter. As the scum tries to gain the advantage over the rookie pilot a fatal turn at the wrong moment sees the collision of two of the attackers leaving one of them a smoking cloud of space debris. With more confidence and Natalya’s expert computer skills angling the deflectors Derek takes the ship on an attack course ending his evasive actions and instead following the nearest target. The combine fire from the two gunners takes out another of the attackers leaving the final attack exposed on the ventral side of the ship where the good doctor scores a crippling hit with the twin linked cannons. The drifting path of the heavily damage attacker bring him in range of Evgeny’s gun emplacement. Showing mercy Evgeny aims to disable the attackers weapon systems scoring a series of hits that neutralizes the opposing blaster cannons, but releasing a proton torpedo that narrowly misses the Supernova and the Phantom Star Destroyer. With the threat adverted Natalya tries to slice the comms to determine the origin of the attackers base and is able to narrow down their location. Derek brings the Supernova in for a landing between two ruined out buildings and the group immediately tries to contact Raiden.

Raiden answer the hail over the Gank Comlinks and informs the group that he is holed up in a safe-house in the under-city, but is under attack by the Rakghoul. With only Natalya’s Swoop for transport the group immediate search for additional options. They find a local swoop gang inhabiting a run down Cantina and from their knowledge can tell they are local scum and not much threat to the party. The graffiti seems to indicate a loyalty to the Hutts which they use to attempt to negotiate for a swoop. The denizens of the planet are in desperate need for medical supplies and willing allow the group to borrow a swoop in exchange for stimpacks.

Derek handles the borrowed swoop while Natalya pilots her own. Unfortunately Derek takes a corner too sharp and scraps the swoop bike against a building severely damaging the bike which he manages to brink to a halt a short distance from the intended location. The crew is stunned by the mob of Rakghouls attacking the the safe-house and is immediately shocked when the first opening shots are easily shrugged off by the vicious beasts. In a coordinated assault they lure out the first pack raining salvo’s of blaster fire into the mob. Using the same tactic the easily drop the second group and make their way into the safe-house where they find a mortally injured Raiden who has been infected by the Rakghoul Plague. Nakyanna admits the situation looks bleak with little hope for any rakghoul vaccine left on the impoverish world. She asks how Raiden wants to go.

Raiden tells the group about Silica’s power in the force and her ability to heal the plague. The Hand had beaten the group here, however and now they must race to the imperial compound to save the girl and save Derek’s mentor. Evgeny makes a deal with the biker scum to cause a distraction for the crew so they can assault the base as Natalya attempts to repair the damages to the borrowed by to get it moving again. Unfortunately the bikes power cells are damaged and the only source on hand they have quick access to is the one fueling Derek’s replusor fist. Begrudgingly he agrees and the mechanic quick installs the component and the group heads to the imperial compound.

Failing to find a more discrete entrance to the compound Natalya slices the front door while the guard are distracted by the swoop gang. Her expert skills allow her to seal the door shut behind the party and she deftly reprograms the access codes for the door. The group uses more stealth than it is accustomed to to sneak to the detention center where a lone operator mans a console. Evgeny puts his twin blasters to work. Mounted with suppressors the imperial falls with barely an audible thud to the floor. Natalya jumps eagerly to the console and begins searching for Silica, the mirilan girl, only to find she is not being held in the detention area and is instead being held in the command room with the Hand himself. Using the security system to her advantage she locks two of the three roaming patrols in the facility in their sectors leaving a lone patrol free to move around the compound. The group ambushed the patrol and makes short work of them. Unfortunately the sounds of combat cause the hand to retreat to the building rooftop to prepare his Lamba shuttle for departure. The crew bursts into the command room to find a lone unarmed imperial commander who hands over Silica and wets himself as Derek intimidates him to reveal the location of the hand and grant access to the command lift that the Hand used to get to the roof.

Natalya notes the building is being swarmed by a hoard of Rakghouls cutting off all avenues of escape save for the Lambda shuttle on the roof. The group takes the lift prepared for a final showdown with the hand. On emerging from the lift the group is confronted by an arrogant hand who walks down the ramp of the shuttle flanked by two Rakghoul. He reveals his use of the darkside to control the mindless monsters and prepares to attack as the hoard of the Ghouls scrap and crawl up the sides of the building in attempt to answer the call. Evgeny launches a pair of stun grenades at the trio, but the uncanny sense of the hand prove too much and he takes only a glancing hit. Derek unleashed his more devastating attack drawing his disruptor rifle and banking on one shot to drop the foe before he has time to strike. The rakghouls are well under the influence of the dark side and the one to his right leaps in front of the shot ending his existence. Nakyanna and Natalya open fire on the hand, but again fail to score meaningful hits. The hand draws his blaster pistol and narrowly misses Evgeny with a lethal blast. The Rakghoul closes on Derek and swipes at his with his claws, but the well trained assassin dodges the blow. Evgeny attempts another toss of stun grenades only to have the Hand wave them away with a gesture. Derek rolls free from the Rakghoul and laces in another uncanny shot with his rifle. The Hand in his overconfidence underestimates the assassin and in a flash his life is ended by a critical shot. Silica steps forward motioning with the force and reverts the Rakghoul back to a human. Relieved the group takes the shuttle and returns to the hiding place of the supernova.

On healing Raiden takes Derek aside and tells him that he has unfinished business with the Alpha Pack and fears he can no longer watch over the girl. He relives Derek of his obligation to him and makes him swear to take care of Silica. Parting ways he asks for the commandeered Lambda shuttle to make his escape.

As Derek reunites with the crew Evgeny bursts in frantically that the shuttle is being stolen. Derek admits he gave it to Raiden and Evgeny sinks watching his payday leave the atmosphere. Derek comes clean with Evgeny and tells him the mission wasn’t backed by the Hutt’s and there is no payday. Evgeny, a little disappointed but curious about the young Silica relents and the crew leave Taris aboard the Supernova.

Aboard the Phantom a Robed figure stands like a dark tower looming out the panoramic view screen.

“Mam,” an uniformed office address the figure. “We have the ship we believe to be the Supernova on the main view. Your orders?”

“They’ve got the girl and the scrolls Lieutenant. Let’s see what they do with them,” She replies from under her dark hood.

“It appears the Emperor’s hand failed what now,” another officer chimes in observation from across the walkway.

“How many Hands do you have Admiral?” the robed figure replies coldly.



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