Tales of the Supernova

Return to Tattooine

" In the weeks that followed the ambush on Nar Shadaa you managed to gain the favor of the Black Sun Lord on the pearl. As soon as word spread about the assault by the Alpha Pack whispers began to follow indicating that certain members of the Red Pact’s standing with Teemo the Hutt was the true cause of the violent backlash. After a few weeks, news of your survival began to spread across the underworld and a new infamy for the guild began to grow. Your contact s and allies slowly but surely began making their way to the Pearl. The guild, allowing some downtime between between operations, has started to become restless on the Pearl as their natural wanderlust began to settle in. It’s a muggy night on the Pearl when the party gathers at the Drunken Bantha Cantina. Tensions are already at a high when a nearby sabaac game erupts between some human swoop gangers and a rival Zabrak gang. The Sabaac table is launched over showering the party with cheap ale as the accusations of cheating begin flying. Before the party can even sort out what is going on the Cantina breaks out in a all out brawl."

Ghost gets first initiative slot and swings at a nearby human swoop ganger unarmed. More proficient with his light saber than his fists he missed the first opponent. Derek go next and closes on another swoop ganger unleashing his repulse fist cybernetic arm. He lands a devastating blow on the gang member lifting him through the air and sending him crashing through a nearby table. With one shot the humans jaw is crushed and he is laid out of the combat. The two standing human swoop gangers take swings at Ghost and Derek who shrug off the blows. (This is meant to be a more fun “we are bad asses” fight than a challenge which I find can be more rewarding when sprinkled in).

The brawl has been very bar room-like up until this point when the 10 year old slicers announced she is going to spray the room with her heavy blaster rifle. This brings a collective laugh from the table and sees a moment where our Dark Jedi is counseling our slicer on the over use of force. Ultimately she decides to use the stun setting on her pistol and her shot goes wide. The doc goes next following suit and loosing a stun blast on the crowd. The Zabrak have been largely ignored and are minions anyway so I have them continue to attack the swoop gangers. The bar-fight has made it through the full round and the two standing swoop gangers are facing down not only the rival Zabrak, but also the player party who has seemingly chosen sides. With that they promptly apologize and collect their fallen member and head out. The Zabrak’s thank the party for choosing the right side and toss them some of the credits form the game. As the cantina begins to settle down Renka comes in frantically searching for the group. She is dressed in entertainer garb rather that her normal appearance. She rushes to the group and blurts out that now is the time to strike. Teemo the Hutt is returning to his palace on Mos Shuuta. The players have some q&a about the details and learn that Teemo is rushing back to Tatooine to meet with some unknown delegates and continue to ask about some of the other story threads I have left open. Derek slips his favorite girl Renka some credits and the group decides to return to the supernova and consult Burpa the Hutt.

Burpa is outraged at hearing about Teemo flying around the galaxy in his Yacht. He is eager for revenge and spills a ton of information and obligatory insults at the party. The party learns that the Yacht does have a weakness but is heavily armed and they would need the security codes from Teemo’s majordomo who is undoubtedly still at Teemo’s palace on Mos Shuuta. The party leaves Teemo and discusses on the journey their course of action. They can kill Teemo and supplant him with Burpa and possibly gain the favor of ta Hutt Lord, they could kill both the Hutt’s and gain favor with the Black Sun, or they can double cross both and work something out with Teemo. During the flight to Tatooine the crew gets a holo-call from Xlina. A npc adversary I have set up for the group who is the link to the black sun. She feeds them information about how shifting the power balance on Tatooine would be beneficial for the Black Sun’s and how Teemo harbors a jealous for Jabba the Hutt whom he tries in vain to copy and one up. She also alludes to the fact that the empire and the black sun have grown increasingly interested in Tatooine since some farm-boy named Skywalker blew up the death star. There is a huge bounty on any information leading to the notorious rebel. (I have made it clear to the players they will never change or alter the core movies however the news and events of the galaxy help give the player that feel of being in the SW universe and make it more than just random space opera.)

There is some debate about whether or not to land back at Mos Shuuta or land at another port. Ultimately the group decides that they killed almost all witnesses during their escape months ago and they traded the original ship for the Supernova so it’s not like they are flying the same ship back into the port so they want to land in Mos Shuuta. The lines of hyperspace slow down to a canopy of stars with the orange blow floating in the horizon that is Tatooine. The planet looks the same as they left it save for the ominous appearance of an Imperial star destroyer hovering above the planet. The star destroyer has the unmistakable appearance of the Phantom (The same ship hovering above Raxus Prime where they fought and barely escaped from the Emperor’s Hand).

The Phantom is occupied with its own purpose and traffic to and from the planet is unhindered. The player fly by and land in Mos Shuuta as planned. They prepare to leave the ship and are immediately greeted by a Storm trooper sergeant accompanied by a group of 4 Imperial Storm Troopers. The Sergeant informs the party that the port has been locked down due to dignitaries in the area and unless they have the proper clearance paperwork they must leave or wait aboard their ship for the dignitaries business to pass. Derek says “We have the papers,” then quick draws his blaster carbine and says “Here’s our clearance” and opens fire. Derek takes the first imitative slot and fires at the Sergeant, rolling crit and sure enough takes the Sergeant’s arm. (The group has crazy tendency to roll that critical injury as limbs blast off of heroes and npc’s as if all the characters were Mr. Potato Head toys)

The group in their haste failed to note the minion group of scout troopers armed with sniper blaster rifles at the entrance to the spacedock. They open fire and on a horrible roll manage to hit Darek, but with just a single success he shrugs off the strength 11 hit allowing his soak to absorb more than half the damage. Seeing the Bounty Hunter shrug off the sniper blast is too much for the scout troopers who take 2 strain damage from their roll. Ghost follows next drawing his vibroaxe and moving to engage the sergeant striking him heavily in face and dropping the disarmed sergeant in a crumpled heap. The Slicer takes aim from the ships platform and blasts the Storm Troopers dropping one. The Doctor follows suit dropping another for the original four stormtroopers. With just two troopers remaining they launch their frag grenade at the party who has stayed clustered up at the ramp of their ship. Surely a mistake their will regret, of course the storm trooper throws the grenade with all the accuracy one would expect from a storm trooper and fails to get sufficient advantage to use the blast effect. This is narrated as Reed the npc pilot. This is narrated as Reed throwing himself on the grenade shielding the group from the blast. (The grenade did 13 wounds less his 3 soak for 10 wounds dropping him from 12 to 2 wounds). Reed drops another storm trooper with his heavy blaster.

Derek get next round and shoots last remaining Standing storm trooper. The scouts have slow firing 1 so the take cover at the entrance and are unable to launch a second volley. Ghost spends two maneuvers moving and suffering strain accordingly to reach the scout troopers and drops another with his vibroaxe. The Slicer decides that Ghost is force sensitive enough to dodge her fire and shoots at the melee between he and the scouts rolling enough disadvantages to have the shot graze Ghost who takes the hit like a champ. There is plenty of laughing about what “force powers” the Jedi actually has and how Hokey religion is no match for a good blaster. The doctor shoots Reed with a stimpack preventing the frag grenade from having any lasting effects which brings a hearty laugh at the table as well. No one else tempts fate to shoot into the melee as Ghost would not survive a hit from Derek’s tricked out blaster carbine and thus the scout trooper drops the sniper rifle and fires with his scout blaster doing another glancing blow doing no damage but adding setback to Ghosts next swing. Ghost then cuts down the final scout trooper.

The group then begins on a serious debate about the bodies. The debate goes back and forth of whether to strip all the weapons and stow them on the ship for resale later. The pro stealing the weapons side of the party says they can easily offload them back on the pearl. The Against side of the party reminds them that they still need to assassinate the Hutt and get away and there is a good chance they may be boarded leaving Tatooine and it would be awfully tough to explain a crate full of bloody weapons to an imperial inspector. The best line of the night comes out and I can’t remember who said it first but the statement quickly became the rallying cry for the night “Murder first then pillage”. With that the group stashes the bodies behind some shipping crates and head to the Broken Dewback Cantina to get some information and hopefully find a way to infiltrate the Hutt’s Palace.

On entering the cantina the group makes eye contact with the bartender who was literally the only surviving NPC from their first adventure on Mos Shuuta. He immediately puts his hands up and begs them not to cause any trouble which brings about a good laugh. The Cantina is full of Gamoreans who work for Teemo who immediately become edgy. Derek asks to speak to the gamorean in charge and begins negotiating with the gamoreans. He makes a deal to trade the Heart of Gamor (they have had this treasure sitting in the ship since the Pybus adventure) to the pack leader in exchange for the gamoreans attacking the Palace personnel when signaled. The party learn from the Gamoreans that Teemo is having a giant banquet that night to meet with some imperial woman dignitary named Zytle. The crew decides the plan will be for they to fly their cargo ship direct to the Palace’s space dock and play off that they are delivering the tree frog delicacy for Teemo’s big night. At the proper time they will signal the guards to break out the fight and in the chaos kill or capture Teemo. There is some debate about what to do with the ship in between and whether the npc pilot should go with the group or not. I convince the group that the extra blasters might be needed and the party moves ahead with the plan.

On returning to the ship the crew decides it would be best to rig a shipping container with the left over frag grenades on the stormtroopers. They make a test and rig a detonator for their makeshift bomb. As they prep the shipping bomb they decide to put the imperial corpses in the crate as well figuring the blast will strew about imperial corpses which can then be blamed after Teemo’s death for the assassination. The party flys the cargo ship to Teemo’s palace (which looks like Jabba’s but smaller) On arriving they find the ambitious gamoreans have jumped the gun and the whole palace is in chaos as Gamoreans duke it out with weequay guards. They load their bomb crate onto a hover track and proceed to speak to the protocol droid at the shipping dock who is acting like it’s just another day at the Palace and directs them to deliver the goods to the kitchen. The group makes a coordination test to navigate the hover track through the halls in the midst of an all out brawl. They successfully navigate the building but the stress of the jeering and dodging with the bomb inflicts some strain damage. On arriving in the kitchen the party encounter staff busily going about their business. The head chef whom is a dug wearing an elaborate chefs hat and wielding a cleaver yells at the party “what is that” pointing to the crate. The party tells him it is the tree frog delicacy brought in specially for Teemo. They brace for another combat but the dug instead angrily shouts some profanity and flips over a tray of pies and cakes he had been working on and storms out of the kitchen bringing a good laugh from the party. The party is set now to deliver the bomb and peers through the window in the door from the kitchen to the banquet hall. They see Teemo with his major domo, a boba fett look alike and a party of guests dining at the hall. They decide they want a serving girl to wheel the crate out. The slicer feels uncomfortable though sending a twil’lek slave to her certain death. The back and forth takes a few minutes so I rush things along by sayings it’s almost Dessert time. With a quick suggestion they decide the npc pilot will roll out the bomb and then they will burst into the hall. They hand him the detonator and he wheels the bomb over to Teemo. They see him stopped by the majordomo and some discussing being relayed back to Teemo from the domo in huttese. Reed pushs the crate near Teemo and begins to walk away. As he is halfway back to the door the party bursts through seeing Reed raise the detonator in front of him. Reed holds out the detonator then drops it to the floor. The Hutt bellows that Reed’s debt has been repaid and a curtain lifts behind the hutt revealing Zytle and the Emperor’s hand. Reed had sold out the group.

It was a great betrayal moment and the group never saw it coming. I liked the Reed character and enjoyed having an NPC to play with which made the act even more shocking for the group. Zytle immediately reveals her power when with out stretched hand she force lightning Reed to a crisp killing him before the parties eyes. Initiative is rolled and the Inquisitor who I have built up to be a very tough opponent moves forward to join the Hutt and draws her Light saber. Ghost takes first action and closes to the Inquisitor with a this is suicide kamikaze attack. He swing as the Inquisitor with his Light Saber and rolls his dice. At this point I am pretty confident the players can’t win this fight. I believe they’ll kill Teemo and retreat leaving the Hand and a new Nemesis in Zytle behind. Ghost rolls a triumph and enough advantages to crit again despite adversary two and a defensive stance black die. He deals a whopping 1 wounds to the inquisitor, but trigger the crit which with his vicious and the additional crit rolls a plus 40. Sure enough MAIMED! and with one swipe of a saber my powerful inquisitor’s saber arm is cleaved from her body. The Hand goes next blasting the slicer with a disruptor pistol also rolling a triumph. The roll is again +40 and my daughter is very nervous about suffering her first real injury. I make the crit roll and roll in the single digits, plus 40 she is merely knocked down. The shot glancing her armor in the gut causing her to drop prone. The strength of the hit leaves her heavily wounded. She returns fire but aims at the crate of explosives lacing it with heavy blast fire and using a destiny to have the bomb go off. The majordomo who hid behind the crate is blown to pieces. Ghost is caught in the blast and is dropped rolling the crit result where he goes last next turn (useless as he is now at zero health). The journeyman bounty hunter takes a vicious part of the blast knocking him to just one wound. The Inquisitor takes a fair shot dropping her health significantly and the Hutt lord with 10 soak barely flinches taking 4 wounds from a printed 30 on his adversary card.

Derek’s turn to shoot and while I am shuffling my papers Ghost sees the single wound on the bounty hunter and urges Derek to shoot the inquisitor. Derek complies landing another Triumph with an additional crit plus the first crit from ghost plus two ranks of vicious blows and with that roll the mighty inquisitor is dead. Unfortunately the bounty hunter acts next with his sole wounds shoots the doctor with a disruptor rifle. The doctor takes major damage and gets the crit result that lowers her presence permanently by one. (That will teach them to look at the health sheet!) It’s now the Hutt’s turn and he fires with his blast. He misses and runs out of ammo and generally is a useless slug in combat. The Doc gets her turn and desperation is sinking in. Ghost is down., Reed is dead, Natalya is on the ground prone with like 1 or 2 wounds, Nakyanna is horribly disfigured and near death while the group still has the bounty hunter, the Hand, and the Hutt to contend with. Making the choice that this looks like the end of the road she parts with her ever precious Thermal Detonator. Ghost gives her blessing stating he took out the inquisitor and could roll a new character satisfied with his end. With a roll of the dice she launches the sole detonator at the Hutt (no adversary upgrades) flipping a destiny point to enhance her attack calling it the lasd stand of the Supernova’s crew. The dice roll and she scores a success with NO advantage. No blast activation. So i say the detonator rolls under the Hutt and his sheer mass and hover sled absorb the blast. This drops him from his 26 health to 2. The round starts anew and with Ghost and the Inquisitor out of the fight the Hand seeks cover and blasts at the group but misses. Derek shoots at the bounty hunter landing two triumph and way more damage than is needed. The hutt is unarmed and fleeing, the inquisitor and the bounty hunter dead, I allow Derek to use the triumph to have the Hand take advantage of the situation and run.

Now while the combat was less than two full round and much shorter than I expected turn wise the action and the conversation had this combat lasting well longer than it seemed and was one of the most epic fights we have had. The doctor quickly revives Ghost while Derek retrieves the disruptor rifle and the fallen inquisitors light saber. Teemo, unable to outrun the group and baffled at why his guards have not appeared to save him begs for mercy. Ghost then decapitates him with his light saber. The party assuming the hand will return with a garrison of troops makes a mad dash to the ship and makes a fast getaway. The slicer asks Derek about making good on the deal with the gamoreans and trading the Heart of Gamor to the leader to which Derek replies “Where is he, I don’t see him here. We don’t even know if he survived.” With that the group boards the ship and takes off banking to the far side of the planet and having Reed’s droid program the nav computer. Only as the stars become a blur of streaks does the group realize that R5 was Reed’s droid and they have no idea what he programmed him to do.



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