Tales of the Supernova

Renka's Ryn

By a break of fortune the two new players couldn’t make a mid week play session on my vacation leaving me with just the original crew of the Supernova to take care of some of the loose ends. For this play session I explain that Grexi due to his serious injuries succumbed to the virus despite the doctors efforts. On returning to Bespin the doctor was able to use the proper facilities to create a cure for the virus and all the players were able to remove the injury from their sheets. I felt it would have been unfair to have the crew carrying the virus while new player came in without it. The Doctor was able to trade the cure in exchange for paying off her blackmail obligation to Teemo. Burpa having outlived his usefulness pleaded with the crew to keep working with him. If his existence became known too soon Teemo would just have him disappear again after all. The crew of the Supernova still owed serious obligation to Teemo and had to decide whether to turn over Burpa to Teemo for more obligation relief or follow along with Burpa’s plan to restore him to power and have the Hutt owing them obligation. Greed won out in the end and the players decided it was far better to have Burpa owe them obligation than it was to pay down obligation with Teemo. Burpa told the crew he would work through some old associates to begin formulating a plan to restore his power base and with that the crew was left to their own devices again. Without fail the crew finds themselves back in the Hungary Mynock Cantina greeted warmly by Renka.

Instead of her usual promise of information Renka opens with the following:

“I know this isn’t the run of the mill kind of work for you guys, but I need a favor if you want any further information from me. "

“Former Senator Roan Fel, served in both the republic senate as well as the Separatists then again under the Empire. He is a man of untold wealth and power on Baudo prime. It has come to my attention that Fel has certain assets which could be very valuable to the right buyer. Since the Emperor disbanded the senate Roan Fel has stayed inside his heavily fortified mansion on Baudo Prime and rumors say he has a fortune locked away in there with him. All I am concerned about is one child, the asset. A child who answers to Rin. She is very valuable to an interested party. I need your team to infiltrate the Senator’s mansion, retrieve the asset, and return her unharmed. Anything else of value you manage to grab would be yours for the keeping. Unfortunately I do not have a photo or any further information on the asset. You can probably find out more by asking around on Baudo Prime’s capital city Raxus.” She slides over a data pad with a set of coordinates for cloud city where they are instructed to return with the asset.

Baudo Prime (my own creation) lies within the outer rim and due to smuggling and black market interference by the Black Sun all docking pads are locked down by security officers. Custom officials inspect all incoming and outgoing traffic and the docks are laden with security personnel. The outer ring of the planet is encircled with swarms of Z-95 headhunter patrol ship which guide incoming and leaving ships to and from their docking site. In addition, the rare minerals used in turbo-laser production have made the system a target for the rebellion. Planet side covert operations and bombings have made travel from city to city difficult and the menacing presence of the Imperial Star Destroyer “Phantom” orbiting the planet signals that this will be no easy job.

On landing at the Raxus spaceport the players are immediately accosted for $1000 credit docking fee as well as a customs bond of 5000 credits which is returnable on their departure on good terms. The ship will be subject to an inspection from an Imperial customs team who will be unable to find the hidden weapons cache. The official immediately asks their purpose for visiting Baudo Prime which the party immediately lies and says they are here to pick up a relative. On entering the spaceport of Raxus the players fan out trying to find information on Roan Fel. A series of tests provides them with the following information:

Many believe Roan Fel deals with slavers and make a generous living in human trafficking

Roan Fel’s Mansion is about 3000 kilometers away from Raxus and the only form of travel currently allowed in that area due to bombings is the monorail line which allows the imperials to monitor traffic in and out.

There is a weapons ban on the monorails so the players will not be able to bring their heavy firepower

A former employee of Roan Fel says he keeps a rather large safe filled to the brim with credits. A safe big enough to walk into. All Roan’s personnel are barred entry to the safe and only Roan himself has the combination.

The compound is heavily fortified with a durasteel wall complete with motion sensors and guards. At each corner of the facility there is a watch tower with armed snipers.

Roan never leaves his sanctuary and as such all food and supplies the mansion uses are brought in regularly from the market.

The party decides to return to the former employee of Roan Fel and convince him to assist them in entering the compound. With the promise of credits the former employee suggests they come in through the local delivery of goods and refers them to a local merchant who trucks in supplies daily. The crew finds the shop where the deliveries come from and subdue the delivery driver. With a truck full of supplies the group elects Natalya, the slicer, as the driver of the truck as the rest of the party climbs into the back. They make their way, lightly armed, to the gate where the slicer tries to convince the guard that she is new and it’s her first day and as such she has forgot her company id. She pleads with the guards to let her in, but the guards don’t buy her story. She turns the truck around and begins to pull away when Derek opens the rear door and blasts the nearest guard. With a yell for Natalya to slam the truck in reverse she pilots the truck backwards through the gate as it is pummeled by sniper fire from the towers. Not taking the time to find an entrance they back the truck through the front door to the mansion sending security alarms blaring and inciting general chaos. Immediately they are set upon by a security team with a firefight taking place from the rear of the delivery truck to the main foyer of the mansion. Within a couple round the security team is dispatch and the party begins the search of the mansion.n Room by room they start sweeping. Taking out patrolling security teams and passing by numerous servants. They find their way to the security station where they quickly dispatch a security captain and his team. The slicer hacks the security terminal controls and turns on barriers and defenses on Roan’s own men. In search the system she find a personnel list. No person on the list is named Ryn. Further searching the system they find a cargo container in the loading dock whose contents list a series of eight names on of which is Ryn. Derek asks the slicer to find Roan Fel on the compound and the safe. After a quick check she determines he is holed up on the third floor with a team of security droids.

The party fights their way to the third floor where the encounter an old and cowardly Roan Fel. The security droids are a challenge for the players but are dispatched with ease. Ready for the big payday Derek pushes the former senator to the safe and forces him to open it. The rumors prove to be true as the safe is filled to the brim with credits from wall to wall. However, the entire fortune is Separatist currency and completely worthless. Derek turns his blaster on Roan who breaks down and admits it’s all a sham. His fortune is one great ponzi scheme which relies on advance payments and accounting trickery with loans to keep everything afloat. The slicer hacks his personal terminal and confirms that according to his accounts he is millions of credits in debt. He manages to scrap by on turnover float between loan payments and as rumors thought human trafficking. The party begins discussing among themselves whether Renka is having them engage in human trafficking or covertly rescuing some one. The discussion on the moral connotation of their choices from this point on is hilarious and I honestly have to fight back from busting a gut at the table. Ultimately they move on to fight their way to the basement. As the security teams begin to be more of a nuisance Derek comes up with the plan to hack the compounds intercom and announce the truth to all of Roan’s employees. With a successful check the slicer gains control of the intercoms and Derek relays how Roan’s safe is now open for all and how there is nothing, but worthless separatist currency. The players reason that the security teams would all be hired goons and with the truth now exposed would be less willing to engage in a firefight with the deadly intruders. I love the though and the concept so I agree and allow the player to move to the loading docks unhindered. The find the shipping container and break it open. Derek asks which of the children is Ryn, but none of them answer. Running short on time the party realizes they must take all of the children with them and usher the kids out of the shipping container and back to the beat up truck. Loading them in the back the slicer takes the controls once more and begins to flee the property.

The commotion has not gone unnoticed as imperial patrol begin arriving on the scene weary of the recent rebel activity on the planet. With gunfire escaping the back of the truck once more a patrol speeder is dispatched with ease as the party sighs happy to make a clean getaway. It is at that point that an ominous thump lands on the roof of the truck and the Slicer driving yells sounds like we have company. The Emperor’s hand sent to stop the rebellion in the area has mistaken the rescue for a rebel strike team. The players are completely unaware of the dangerous foe they now face. Derek grabs hold of the swinging tail door and swings out to get a shot at the enemy. His first shot misses it’s target. The doctor inside is trying to keep the children calm while unloading into the roof hoping to score some damage on the adversary. On the Hand’s turn he uses the force to cloud Derek’s mind and convince him that the back of the truck is on fire. Derek is forced to spend his next turn patting out illusion flames in an attempt to save the children. The slicer tries ramming the side of the truck into buildings to shake the attacker off the roof. At the display of force powers the group is immediately shaken realizing they are now fighting an opponent beyond their abilities. The Hand opens fire with his disruptor pistol opening a hole in the roof.

Derek recovers from the illusion and fires back at the hand scoring a critical hit and wounding the left arm of the attacker making it completely useless. The Hand dives for cover on top of the speeding truck but fails in a big way dropping his disruptor on tumbling over the side of the truck. Grasping to the edge of the roof with his remaining free hand he barely maintains his perch on the truck. That is when the slicer again tries to smear him off the truck forcing the hand to let go of the truck and fall crashing into a stack of garbage right before the truck scrapes against a nearby building. The truck battered and blasted apart speeds into the night leaving the hand behind. The player agree they were lucky at best and they have left behind a vicious adversary. They ditch the truck and take the monorail with the children back to the spaceport. The customs inspector gives them a hard time, but there is nothing illegal that he can tell. The players offer a decent bribe to be hurried on their way knowing the Hand can’t be far behind them. They leave the planet with no further issue slipping silently into the night. As they navigate hyperspace a young Twil’lek identifies herself as Ryn and apologizes for not saying so sooner. She just couldn’t bear for the party to leave her friends behind.

The players are confronted with a choice. They can sell the other seven children to another slaver for $5,000 each or they can try to find someone who will take care of them. Deciding their souls are not that black the turn the children over to the authorities on Cloud City so they can be reunited with their families. They then proceed to take ryn to the coordinates they were given. I read the following to close the story:

The coordinates lead you to a hovel in the poor under section of cloud City. Here on the underneath the homes have no luster and everything is covered in the dingy smoke of the tiabanna mining process. The place is mostly inhabited by ugnaughts and there is little security, fortunately there is also little of value. You follow the coordinates to a small apartment complex that is a mish-mash of run down dilapidated apartments. Arriving at the designated location you find yourself knocking on the door of 2B.

Renka answers the door an Ryn lets loose a joyous “Renka!” and runs into her arms where they collapse on the floor in a tearful embrace. Renka thanks you and leads you into a small scarcely furnished dwelling. She explains that she was once a political activist who was drummed out of service based on her alien heritage. Her life fell apart and she had no future. She turned to stims and drug abuse that lead her to losing her sister and only living family to the Hutts slave trade and how she has cleaned up her act. She used her old political skills to turn a profit as an infochant at the Mynock. All of her money was spent tracking down the location of Ryn.

Renka is eternally grateful to the party and and I instruct them to upgrade her status from contact to ally on their character sheet. Derek is rewarded with a warm hug and the party closes the night. It was fun to have the original crew alone again and I wanted to tie up the Renka story arc with the main group as the new players have no attachment to her at all and would not have enjoyed the arc as much. All in all it was a great session and a critical building block in my story to come.



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