Tales of the Supernova

Black Sun Rise

After completing Bargos the Hutt’s investigation mission into the mining colony the reputation of the Red Pact has taken a slight bump up in notoriety. Add The Red Pact to the group sheet with an Obligation of 5 : Notoriety.

On reuniting Ryn with Renka, your contact at the Hungary Mynock has gone dark for short term. No doubt resettling into a different life now that she has been reunited with her sister. Some thing tells you it won’t be the last you see of the spunky infochant. The week’s that have followed the bargain with Bargos have seen an increase in activity for the Red Pact as the word of recent acquisition by a notorious criminal assassin and the expansion into more nefarious dealings has sparked n influx of clientele.

The acid rain washes over the horizon as the latest storm moves through the corellian sector. The dark clouds cast a fitting shadow over the world of Nar Shadaa. Illuminated by a hazy neon glow of lights and the callings of the underworld it is a typical day on the smugglers moon. The events of the past weeks have been good for the Red Pact and business has finally begun to pick up. Each active player can make a skulduggery check to represent the nefarious dealings in the down time between sessions. Each success is worth 200 credits and each advantage is worth 100 credits. On returning to the Red Pact main planning room the party is greeted by a Zeltron, Alerya Nol-Nar, who bears both a greeting and a large gift wrapped box. She is dressed in obvious slave attire. A typical Zeltron her form is svelte and her skin is a red hue with long strands of bluish purple hair falling wildly around her face and drifting down her shoulders and back.

The party is then forced to make a fear test, they immediately ask why and I simply answer “you don’t know it just overcomes you.” In truth the Zeltron has a psychic emotional projection ability and she is scared stiff.

The Zeltron speaks as the party approaches: ’Hello and welcome home. On behalf of the great Hutt Cartels of Nal Hutta I have been sent to welcome your upstart organization to the fold and present a gift from the Great Triloc The Hutt of the Desilijic clan. The great Triloc the Hutt was disturbed to hear that Graayl Nor had started venturing into unsanctioned activities here in his territory. The Great Triloc the Hutt assumes this was merely an oversight. As such I have been sent as a welcoming to ensure you understand your position. Here…" she says handing the gift wrapped box over.

On opening the box the players find the cold dead eyes of Graayl’s decapitated head. It’s all they have time to take in though as the building is viciously rocked by a rocket blast.

Derek’s Gank Comm Implant flares to life for the first time since he bought it during character creation. “Derek lad are you still alive in there?” The familiar voice of Raiden Karsov, Derek’s mentor echos over his gank implant. "Listen to me boy, the Hutts have employed a Gank Hunter pack to eliminate your little band in there. Bad news it’s the outfit known as “Alpha One” all trained killers. You must escape from Nar Shadaa. I can’t risk communicating again until your in a place I can reach you. You must Survive. I need your help."

With that the signal cuts out and the assault is on in full. The building is constantly being rocked by rocket fire and as such the players must roll a red die every turn. On a critical fail they get hit by the blast of a rocket detonating. The party tries to look out at their surroundings only to find a mob of ruffians storming the building. Recognizing that the mob is not made of of Gank hunters the party concludes they must be Hutt goons. The party grabs the slave girl and makes for the landing pad and the Supernova. they proceed down one floor to be ambushed by waves of goons wielding clubs and truncheons. The ensuing fight is pure chaos as the party unloads on the weak minions cutting them down like wheat. Despite their brutal first round the minion horde keeps flowing in through the stair wells. Derek calls for a retreat to the lifts and hurls a grenade into the mob. With the party escaping to the outer hallway leading to the lifts. Derek closes the door and blasts out the control panel commenting that the goons armed with just clubs could no way bust through the door. The slicer is calling up the lift and the doors slide open to reveal a pack of three Gank hunters ready to attack. Combat begins anew as the party struggles to take on the new adversaries. Derek head shots one of the Ganks dispatching him with a hail of carbine fire. The slicer falls back clearly outgunned suffering multiple hits from the ganks. Ghost whips out his saber and attacks head on engaging in close combat with the hunters but blocking the doctor and mercenary from shooting into the lift.

Ghost is forced back from close combat realizing he isn’t quite a sith yet as he fails to absorb the array of blast bolts. Injured but still standing his retreat gives the doctor and mercenary the chance to open fire and finish off the wounded Ganks. The party takes the lift down to the landing pad. (I had originally intended for the party to be forced back and have to repel down the outside of the building to the landing pad. The rolls and quick thinking of the players changed my course).

On the landing pad the players cleaned up some more goons and boarded the Supernova. With rockets incoming they take off suffering only a minor hit. The Alpha One pack had predicted the escape however and the supernova was quickly greeted by three normal dune lizards and one souped up dunelizard which was flown by a nemesis level pilot. This fight was much harder than what the group had encountered before in space. They were in the city still and the pilot had to deal with buildings and traffic in flight. The gunners took out the minion dunelizard easily but the Supernova was rocked by a missile from the ace which really damaged the ship. They succeeded in making it to the upper atmosphere and once clear of the planet just barely escaped into hyperspace. With the supernova heavily damaged and the base destroyed the group was at a loss on where to go. Renka had gone dark. With the guild all but destroyed and me offering no suggestions the party reviewed their sheets. They still had the Heart of Gamor and the scrolls from Pybus so they were not broke. The Sith took interest in the scrolls and asked what they were. I allowed a knowledge check for the sith to determine that the scrolls were of Sith origin, but they are written in sithscript which he does not know and will require a cipher to translate. Having another dead end the group reviewed it’s contacts and decided to check up on Jacek whom the had left behind on the Pearl which they believe is far enough from Hutt space to offer a break from the attack.

Arriving on the Pearl the group tracks down Jacek who as usual does his best work from behind a tankard of ale. The group asks him if he ever came across any collector of Sith relics to which he comes up empty handed. At this point the group is introduced to a npc I control like a character. Xlina, a Falleen who just happens to know of a collector of Jedi and Sith Artifacts. Xlina takes the party to meet a Black Sun Vigo who has an extensive collection of old artifacts. They recognize that it would not be wise to have both the black sun and the Hutts after them and so they play nice asking about a possible cipher. The Vigo admits that he has such and item and has kept it for some time. He introduces a fierce looking warrior who he introduces as a Morgukai warrior. He explains that the addition of the legendary Morgukai warriors to his forces would be amazing indeed, but his problem is with the elimination of the Jedi how does one know if such a warrior truly is a Morgukai Adept or merely a pretender? So the Vigo began hoarding items he could find knowing if there were any stray Jedi or Sith they would come looking for something. He brashly asserts that a member of the party must be a Jedi or a Sith as no one else would risk such danger as seeking to bargain with a Black Sun Vigo. With that he explains that he will gladly hand over the cipher if the party member who is a force user agrees to fight the Morgukai in single combat so that he may know the truth of the Nikto’s claims.

Ghost eagerly accepts and begins what turns out to be a very close and stunning combat exchange between the adept and the Ataru Striker. Both the player and the npc land a series of minor critical hits. The fight build up with the player really adding in flourish with each attack and the other players cheering him on, until the attack which shorts his lightsaber thanks to the cortosis nature of the Morgukai staff. On the next attack the Morgukai delivers a vicious blow again criting the Ghost player and this time he loses a leg. The Vigo ends the combat. Impressed with the martial display and pleased to learn his new Nikto allies are indeed practitioners of the Morgukai sect. The players take the Cipher and retreat to the nearest medical facility to work on replacing Ghost’s lost leg. The Sith in Ghost makes him pledge to hunt down the Nikto and kill him in the future. Many out of context jokes are told about Ghost only needing to lose one more leg and bet set on fire to go full on Vader. Ghost swears to never visit a lava planet. The cipher unlocks the secrets of the scroll which now can be used as a holocron from force and destiny.

The crew of the supernova is left in a struggle between rival Hutt families, the rise of the Black Sun in the outer Rim, the Empire’s hand still tracking them, and now Derek’s mentor and the Alpha One pack story arc to work on. The players were very pleased with the night and loved the epic square of duel with the Sith. There are multiple arcs for them to pursue and this catches up all the summer sessions we have played on my campaign.



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